Although I like my TV bad (as in, “Food Network Caters Your Wedding”/”True Life: I hate my big boobs”/”Groomer Has It” bad), I like my theater GOOD. As in, change-your-life kind of good. As our entertainment options get more and more easily accessible, I’ll admit that it requires substantially more “effort” to get off one’s butt to spend the time and money required to see live theater. And yet, some of us are still kinda crazy, and still try to do it.

My hope is that this blog encourages me to continue my life long quest to continually seek out and see new and exciting theatrical projects. True, I don’t need too much encouragement, but the fact remains that it’s a whole lot easier to see shows when a) they’re consistently offered to you for free and within a 5 minute walk of where you live (the case when I was in college) or b) you’re studying abroad in Avignon, France, in the midst of the largest theater festival in the world (the case when, well, I was studying abroad in Avignon, France). This blog, then, is not only an opportunity for me to share my (admittedly) subjective opinions with my (hopefully) faithful readership, it’s also a theater watching contract with myself.

Before I continue, I must of course concede the innate hypocrisy of this blog. When I read a New York Times Review and find that my opinion agrees perfectly with Mr. Brantley’s, I tend to get pretty smug. However, if I find that my opinion differs from the reviewers, I am instantly filled with at least some level of nauseatingly pretentious superiority. Who am I to receive my opinions from some self-designated “expert”? My opinions are my own, thank you very much! (I really am a snob). So for me to blog about shows I’ve seen and offer my opinions to you seems…well…kinda like a dick move. I will take this moment to establish, then, that I offer my opinions not to supplant your own, but merely as the reflections of someone who really – REALLY – loves theater and just can’t keep it to herself. One of my favorite things about theater is that everyone’s experience is his or her own – there is no such thing as an “objective” review of a performance. That I believe.

Thus, I unapologetically present to you then my *extremely* subjective opinions. I’ll try to blog every time I’ve seen something new, and I’ll try to keep this project up. My hope is that you share with me (as comments!) your own reflections and reactions – to the shows, to my thoughts, to whatever.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Devin says:

    I love your blog! I am looking into a graduate degree in theater. I was wondering where you go to school and if you like your program. Thanks!

    • jesslbear says:

      thanks Devin!!! amazing to get such a nice comment!
      i am at NYU-Tisch, a 2-year graduate program in dramatic writing and I do like it, very much. I would definitely recommend looking into it if you’re interested in writing – and i’ve heard good things about the other theater-related grad programs here, too!

  2. Devin says:

    Thanks for the info! I’ll check out the program. In the meantime, keep the reviews coming!

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