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shameless cross-promotion

well, it’s been a while. but dang if I don’t love this blog, so despite over a year between posts, I’m REVIVING the blog!

my decision, then, is this: while I will still be updating with reviews as much as my schedule permits, i will also be using this blog to (shamelessly) promote my own work, when it comes up! as a soon-to-be grad school graduate who (really, really!) wants to be a playwright, I hope you’ll indulge me sharing news of my own playwriting/acting/theatrical adventures.

first up: thesis reading! Please join me this thursday, may 16 at 4:30 pm at Theater for the New City for a reading of my NYU thesis play, Little Talks. it’s free! it’s absurd! it’s short! i worked damn hard on it and i got a FABULOUS cast of actors who are reading it. people who support the arts are, in my mind, freaking rock stars, so if you want to live out your rock-star dreams, join me in the east village on thursday.

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